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  1. We could cut Connecticut/Massachusetts level of spending to like Minnesota levels and we would be just fine.

    Casey Craig

  2. No one in their right mind could possibly call this a “rainy day.” Perhaps the $300 million (and growing) museum quality Mead Mahall make over formerly known as the capital can wait? Moreover, the various “musts” being built, improved or otherwide turned into monuments at the socialist money spong in Laramie could be put on hold? After all, when we do give the RINO’s our money they use it to suite their agendas, not for its intended purpose. Don’t believe me? Recall our highway maintenance funds building a new “performing arts center” at U-Dub, that’s a theater to the rest of us that aren’t arrogant, pointy headed elitists. We commoners that are not part of the ruling political class haven’t seen a raise in eight years under Komrad Obama and are have some difficulty understanding our state government’s inability to observe the facts and arrive at a valid, logical conclusion. You know, like stopping the frivolous spending. The politicians frothing at the muzzle, gnashing of teeth and wailing might seem a bit believable if they’d cancel at least a couple of their fiscal boondoggles. They can build more monuments to their own egos later, when times are better. For now do what we peasants are doing, tighten your bloated belts and see to actual needs leaving the fluff out of spending.

    Paul Miner

  3. I totally agree with these comments, but I found Senator Burns comment most enlightening which was not brought up in this article. He stated that the automatic sweep of $109 million into the Statutory Reserve was started when Senator Schiffer proposed a bill as at that point the extra money was not needed. Sen Burns stated something like, “We did it then because we had the luxury of not needing the money; we don’t have that luxury now.” I recall Senator Perkins responding, “We will be eating our seed corn.” I am most concerned that if we cut certain program or neglect our infrastructure, the cost to later rebuild or reinstate them is often more than if we had maintain them in the first place. You can save a little money by never changing the oil in your car, but when you then have to buy another car several years earlier than you would have if you had done the preventive maintenance, did you really benefit yourself? What was once a luxury has apparently now became our “seed corn”, so it can be anticipated we will sock money away no matter what the cost is to the state and its citizens.

    Robert D Kuchera